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Here you will find articles on Music Production techniques along with the language used by sound engineers and producers. There are also very useful articles from Graduates about getting jobs.
    Spend a little preparation time tuning drum heads - you’d be amazed at the difference it makes to your recording!

    View and download instruction pdf here.

    View and download ‘tuned’ and ‘untuned’ drum examples here.

    Courtesy of Dave Ward.
    Download 8 tracks of drums that you can paste into your DAW of choice and play with.

    Here is also a pdf of creative EQ ideas to go with them.
    Interesting vocal recording techniques from studio owner, engineer and producer George Shilling.

    View and download pdf file here.
    Legendary guitarist Elliott Randall explains a conventional method for miking a Marshall cab which will retain the amp’s power and warmth.

    View and download pdf file here.
  • Diary of a Media Student
    Diary of a Media Student ... or, what on earth am I going to do when I get out of education.
    Brilliant article from 2010 by Ben Kozel about his experiences after college.

    Download pdf
  • Composing for Games and Film
    Adam Brown recounts his experiences since graduating from DeMontfort University in 2011. DeMontfort of course run JAMES accredited courses.

    Download article

    This article courtesy of Network Nine News
  • Diary of a Trainee
    Jonathan Hale tells how how he studied Sound Engineering and transited to the Broadcast. His article gives valuable insights into Finding a Job.

    Download article

    This article courtesy of Network Nine News