These forums (yes, I know fora), are designed to open and ease communication between JAMES students, academics and industry members.

The student forum will allow people on JAMES accredited courses to find collaborative partners, share information, ask questions and hopefully get intelligent answers.

The academic forum will serve the same purpose but at an academic level. Research ideas can be discussed and partnerships formed. As JAMES accreditation becomes more international, global partnerships can be explored.

The industrial friends of JAMES will be able to share information and offer assistance when needed. This forum can also be used to offer and explore student placement and work experience options.

All the forums are open to all JAMES members.

As mentioned elsewhere, it is vital that all sides of our industries learn a little about each other's good practice and the language we use in the creative process. JAMES hopes that this will promote creative cooperation in an fast developing and increasingly converging industry.

These forums will only be as good as the frequency of use, so get stuck in and use them.

Of course JAMES cannot accept responsibility for the accuracy of any comments and the forums will not be policed. Please report any misuse to this email address.